Anjalika Maroo Founder of I AM – Walked the Ramp with Elegance for Bombay Times Fashion Week Opening Show by Florian Foundation and Mumbai Halchal 

I Am being the Gifting Partner for Florian Foundation and Mumbai Halchal by Archunaa Jaiin and Dilshad Khan for Bombay Times Fashion Week Opening Show walked the Ramp with Elegance, Grace and Class.


In Designer Outfit Vishal Kapoor and Jewellery by LA jewels. She Graced the Ramp with her Beauty and Confidence.


Anjalika Maroo’s “I AM”: Where Versatility Meets Luxury in Home Décor


In the realm of home décor, Anjalika Maroo stands as a beacon of creativity and innovation, reshaping spaces with her distinctively versatile approach. As the founder of “I AM,” Anjalika Maroo has redefined the concept of luxury living, offering a curated selection of custom-made and ready-to-use home accents that transcend conventional boundaries.


At the heart of “I AM” lies Anjalika Maroo’s unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and functionality. From the timeless charm of kulhads to the modern sophistication of lid jars and almirahs, each creation in her collection is meticulously crafted to embody the perfect synergy between form and function. What sets “I AM” apart is its unique proposition—every item is designed to serve multiple purposes, adding a layer of practicality to its inherent elegance.


Take, for instance, the unbreakable kulhads—a testament to Maroo’s ingenuity and dedication to sustainability. Not only do these versatile vessels exude rustic charm and style, but their durability also makes them ideal for a myriad of uses beyond serving beverages. Whether as planters, pen holders, or even votive candle holders, these kulhads seamlessly transition from function to form, embodying the essence of multipurpose design.


Similarly, “I AM’s” lid jars and almirahs are not just decorative accents but functional storage solutions that double as statement pieces. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, each piece is a testament to Anjalika Maroo’s vision of luxury that seamlessly integrates into everyday life.


Anjalika Maroo’s commitment to versatility extends beyond individual items to the entire ethos of “I AM.” By offering a blend of custom-made and ready-to-use décor, she caters to a diverse clientele seeking both personalization and convenience without compromising on quality or style.


With “I AM,” Anjalika Maroo invites us to embrace the art of living beautifully, where every item serves a purpose beyond its intended function, transforming houses into homes that are as practical as they are luxurious.