Binge Watch Film Productions Unveils Musical Marvel with Shivam Mishra at the Helm

Binge Watch Film Productions has successfully wrapped up the recording phase for their highly anticipated single, featuring the renowned Bollywood singer, Javed Ali. The song, generating buzz post Ali’s chart-topping track ‘Srivalli,’ is a testament to the extraordinary composition skills of the talented Shivam Mishra, with lyrics elegantly penned by Shivam and Uttam.

The musical voyage is masterfully curated by Shivam Mishra, who  has crafted a soul-stirring melody that promises to captivate audiences on a grand scale. After years of honing his craft, Mishra’s unique approach to composition caught the attention of Binge Watch Film Productions.

The visionary behind this musical endeavour, Shivam Diwan, Expressing his passion for the project, Mr. Diwan remarked, “When I heard this track, I felt it should be taken to an audience on a larger scale.”

In a strategic move, the production house enlisted the award-winning director Saumitra Singh to co-direct the music video, enhancing the visual narrative of Mishra’s musical creation. The cinematic masterpiece is set to feature A-list actor and acclaimed actress Shivika Diwan, adding another layer of star power to Mishra’s artistic vision.

The collaboration extends further to involve Shukar Studios Pvt Ltd and Shiprartz, with plans to release the video under the banner of a major music label—an announcement that will undoubtedly amplify the anticipation surrounding Shivam Mishra’s musical prowess.

Expressing her delight, actress Shivika Diwan shared, “I’m thrilled to be a part of this enchanting composition by Shivam Mishra and wish the entire team the very best

Shivam Mishra’s outstanding composition and Shivam Diwan’s visionary leadership take center stage, steering the production towards its ultimate goal of delivering a captivating musical and visual experience to audiences.