Indian Family Kickstarts Mission Impossible Road Tour: Spread over 3 Continents, 57000 km & 55 Countries Promoting Peace and Exploration

Bengaluru: 15th November 2023: In a story that blends Ripley’s Believe It or Not with Mission Impossible, Musaif Shaan Mohamed and his family have kickstarted their incredible adventure that could potentially earn them a place in the Guinness Book of World Records or the Limca Book.

Bengaluru-based Advocate Musaif Shaan Mohamed, known for his extensive road trips in India and neighboring countries, has crossed Dubai and is currently in Oman with his family on a Mission Impossible-style Road tour of 55 countries spread over 3 continents and 57000 km starting November 12th, 2023.

What makes this journey truly exceptional is that it includes not only Musaif but also his 62-year-old father, mother, sister, and his 6-month-old nephew, Wildan Ezlin Adaam. Musaif has traveled the length and breadth of India by road multiple times in the past 10 years and across Nepal, Bhutan, and Myanmar too!

Musaif, a legal professional and Chairman of Campus Continent is also a motivational trainer who guides MBBS students seeking better growth prospects. Inspired by Jules Verne’s “Around the World in 80 Days” from his school days, he nurtured the dream of traveling around the world, albeit in a slightly extended timeframe.

An Inspiring Tale of Determination:

Musaif’s travel saga is a testament to determination and living life to the fullest. Over the years, his passion for travel grew, leading him to yearn for more adventure. His latest expedition commenced on November 12th this year from Dubai and is a journey that spans several countries, including Dubai, Turkey, Iran, England, Spain, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Portugal, and some rarely heard of exotic countries with beautiful landscapes such as Georgia, Albania, Romania, Kyrgyzstan, Moldovia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Latvia, Austria, Ireland, Russia, Tajikistan, and Kazakhstan. This incredible journey will conclude in India via China, China (Tibet), and Nepal next year.

Customized Ford Endeavor for the Family:

Recognizing the unique needs of his aged parents and an infant, Musaif made the thoughtful decision to customize his Ford Endeavor to make it an all-terrain SUV. A capable team from The Wrench Virtuoso having branches across India and Germany undertook the challenge of customizing the SUV to ensure the family’s comfort, safety, and protection in varying weather conditions, be it rain, shine, hail, sandstorms, or snow. This custom-built vehicle took nearly three months to complete.

Notably, Mr. Nitin Dossa, Chairman, Western India Automobile Association (WIAA) and Federation of Indian Automobile Association (FIA) along with Mr. Edil Katrak flagged off the journey in Mumbai on the 26th of October 2023.

You name it, this SUV has it

Musaif’s commitment to safety is evident as the vehicle includes a side tent, a main tent, foldable chairs, a portable toilet, and a kitchenette. Incidentally, an extended fuel tank is also built-in to ensure there are no stoppages. Every detail has been meticulously planned to ensure the family’s well-being throughout their journey.

A Collaborative Family Effort:

Musaif’s family plays a significant role in this extraordinary expedition. His sister, Dr. Muneefa A.K., a doctor, is responsible for caring for her son and her mother, Mrs. Nafeesath A.K. While Musaif and his father, Mr. Mohammed Kunhi K.M., a retired businessman, manage the driving and handle entry and exit formalities in each country.

For the family, this journey isn’t just about sightseeing; it’s a profound opportunity to learn about diverse cultures, history, and nature. It’s a way to step out of their comfort zones and explore new places.

A Mission of Peace:

While the initial intention of their tour was exploration, their plan evolved in light of recent global conflicts. The primary goal of their world tour is to spread the message of living in peace and harmony.

This is the first part of the five-part series that the family has planned out. The 2nd part will witness Musaif covering 47 countries in Africa, followed by Australia in the 3rd part, and the 4th part of the globe will be the Americas and Canada.

Musaif and his family intend to share their experiences and promote the importance of peace in their travels, reinforcing the belief that travel has the power to transcend borders and foster understanding.