International Makeup Event at Pride Plaza, Brazilian Artist Alessandro Alcantara and Influencer Leena Bhushan Steals the Show

The International Makeup event held on October 7th at Pride Plaza was an exquisite celebration of beauty and makeup artistry. Renowned Brazilian artist, Alessandro Alcantara, showcased his exceptional talent, captivating the audience with his craft. The showstopper for this grand affair was the charismatic influencer, Leena Bhushan, adding an extra layer of glamour to the event. The gathering witnessed an amalgamation of makeup artistry and glamour, attracting a multitude of VVIP GUESTS showing unwavering support for the beauty industry.

The event was launched in one of the esteemed magazines, Beauty and the Best, creating a buzz in the beauty industry. The grand unveiling was done by the artist Alessandro Alcantara and the founder and Co-founder of Igc, Shirin Singh, and Neha Pal Sharma.

Amidst the vibrant display of colors and skillful brushes, the spotlight turned to Leena Bhushan, a prominent influencer in the beauty sphere. Her presence on stage exuded grace and confidence, embodying the very essence of the event. As the showstopper, she impeccably showcased the fusion of talent and style, captivating the attention of everyone with her radiant charisma.


A defining moment of the event was when Leena expressed heartfelt gratitude to the distinguished VVIP guests, including Gursewak Singh, Atul Chauhan, Ojas Rajani, Gomit Chopra, and many more, for gracing the occasion and supporting the flourishing makeup industry. Her words resonated with everyone present, emphasizing the significance of collective support in fostering growth and innovation within the industry. The appreciation was reciprocated by the guests, acknowledging the importance of unity and collaboration in driving the beauty sector forward.

The success of the event was greatly attributed to the generous support of numerous brands that sponsored the event. Brands such as Kamaali Couture, Nirakara Jewels, Forever 52, Purelle, Krelon, Recode, Vatten, Mukhi Singh, Praush, Cs Essentials, Riwayat, Herbsutra, Glammskin, The Skin Juices, Neyah Beauty, De Estilo Ropa, Madhvams, and Trinkets and Charms played a pivotal role in creating a captivating and seamless affair. Their collaboration enriched the event, adding an extra layer of glamour.

The International Makeup event was elevated to unparalleled heights by the exceptional talent of the Brazilian artist Alessandro Alcantara and the captivating presence of Leena Bhushan as the showstopper. The unwavering support of VVIPs and the valuable contributions of the sponsoring brands served as pillars of strength, elevating the event to an unforgettable showcase of creativity and elegance. This event will undoubtedly be remembered as a momentous day in the beauty industry, highlighting the power of collaboration and unity in the pursuit of beauty.