MAHURAT Of  Baba Neeb Karori Maharaj A  Bio pic Film Honoring His Life

On the auspicious day of 27th September, a special event was held at the Neeb Karori Baba Temple in Vrindavan.Under Banner Anisha Films International and A K B Productions at Shri Thakur Hanuman Ji Trust, Vrindavan,  this event marked a significant occasion in honor of the revered Neeb Karori Baba Maharaj . The highlight was the upcoming feature film that portrays Baba Ji’s remarkable life.

The wad held  at the Neeb Karori Baba Temple with a huge gathering of devotees. f Brij region, lot of eminent saints who blessed the occasion. Renowned actors from Mumbai are actively participating in bringing this biographical film to life, as shared by the film’s director, Sharad Singh Thakur.

Dr. Dhananjay Sharma, playing the role of Baba Ji, recited a dialogue that resonated with the huge audience,  the temple is with full of cheers for Neeb Karori Baba. Another artist, Maya Jaiswal from Mumbai, invoked a sense of devotion through her dialogue, prompting everyone to pay homage to Baba Shri.

The film’s creative aspects, including the story, screenplay, and dialogues, have been crafted by Sharad Singh Thakur, Dr. Kavita Raizada, and Smt. Kanakchand. The producer, AK Mishra, is overseeing this cinematic venture. The music direction is in the capable hands of Jai Uttal, while Asif Chandwani composes the music, and Raghav Shukla pens the lyrics. The film’s cinematography is led by Narayan Dixit and Ayush Giri, supported by the media coordination of Naresh Dixit, assistant production by Udyan Sharma, and production coordination by Ram Das Pandewad and Sandeep Lanjekar. The makeup artist is Rohit, and the costume designer is Mayuri Solanki, with Shraddha Raje Bhosle serving as an assistant director. Pandit Anurag Pathak managed the  entre program’s proceedings.

The event saw the presence of revered Baba Ji’s family, including his daughter Mrs. Girija Bhatele, son-in-law Jagdish Bhatele, and  (Dhevate) Sandeep Bhatele. Members of Shri Thakur Hanuman Ji Trust and other respected individuals were also in attendance, sharing their blessings and support for the film.

On the evening of Anant Chaturdashi, the festival brought together thousands of devotees of Maharaj Ji from India and abroad. They participated in this saintly celebration and prayed for the success of the film, expressing their devotion and admiration for Neeb Karori Baba are Anil Giri, Jai Singh Pundir, Karan Kumawat, Jitendra, and Acharya Krishna Kant Mishra were among the esteemed individuals present during the program, further enhancing the spiritual and cultural significance of this special occasion.