Personalised Learning Made Easy

Imagine going to a website and having the option to pick from a variety of courses that interest you. You would probably be able to narrow down your search by course name, enrollment period, or location. In other words, the options available would be presented in a way that allowed you to find the best possible fit for your preferences. Now imagine further that these courses are all tailored to what you enjoy most about learning – whether it be through visual content, interactive discussions with experts in the field, or hands. That is called Personalised Learning.

What is personalised learning?

Personalized learning is the process of using analytics to select and deliver content that is relevant and tailored to the learner’s needs. The most common way of personalizing learning is through adaptive technology like digital books and online courses. Personalised learning means creating a learning plan that is unique to each individual. A planner can be created by looking at an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, needs, values, interests and behaviors. The plan can then be used to help them achieve their goals or just maintain a certain level of achievement while continuing to advance their knowledge in the subject they are studying.
Personalised Learning
Benefits of a personalised learning approach

Personalized learning is a great way to encourage students to make the best use of their time and to explore new opportunities. It’s also a great way to improve lessons by targeting what students need most, while also providing teachers with valuable feedback on how they are doing. There are many benefits to implementing a personalized learning approach in schools. First, it allows teachers to tailor curricula to the individual needs of their students. Secondly, it provides students with a greater sense of achievement and ownership for the knowledge they acquire. Lastly, it removes the lengthy review process that typically takes place after an examination.

What are the key aspects of a personalized learning strategy?

A personalised learning strategy is one that takes into account the learner’s personal interests and abilities. This means that the content is not taught in a standard way, but rather it is tailored to what the learner has already learned and what they are struggling with. With this approach, students will be able to find the material that they need. A personalized learning strategy should be coherent with the type of learning that a child is doing. It should also take into account how the child learns best. For example, if a child struggles with reading, it’s important that they have a teacher who knows how to cater to this problem and can provide them with what they need.

Implementing a personalised learning strategy

Creating a personalised learning strategy for your organisation can be challenging. In order to be successful and efficient, it is important that you have a clear understanding of the four steps involved in implementing a personalised learning strategy:
– Identify the learners
– Decide what level of support you need
– Explore your options
– Implement

How do companies use personalised learning?

Companies are using personalised learning to attract customers and improve their sales, experience, and reputation. For example, a company like McDonald’s can use personalised learning to create an individualized experience for every customer. There are many other ways in which companies can use this technology including teaching employees how to better sell products and manage their time.

Favourite resources for implementing and supporting personalized learning

One of the top resources for implementing and supporting personalised learning is the Personalised Learning theory. This theory aims to create a personalized learning experience for every student, to reflect their individual needs and interests. It also has some great supporting materials for implementers. Another top resource is SHAPE, which stands for Supporting Knowledge in Personalized Environments. It provides a framework that supports teachers in developing a personalized learning environment.


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