Praveen Sagar – Renowned Mind Power Success Coach Says We Ink What You Think

Mr. Praveen Kumar Sagar is a Success Coach and Mind Power Trainer. He believes that every individual is a powerhouse of tremendous hidden potential and through proper training and coaching, he can be guided to his hidden treasure. This will enable an individual in achieving all his desired goals and bringing laurels to himself as well as to his associated organization.

 Mr. Sagar is a positive, laborious, and go-getter. He is a creative and motivated individual who doesn’t leaves any stone unturned until he reaches his goal. He is highly passionate and committed to his goal of triggering the passion in others for transforming their lives.

Mr. Sagar has a master’s degree in Science and has rich experience of 26 years of the corporate culture. He is Jack Canfield’s Success Principles Trainer from the USA. Train The Trainer certifications from AMA, Ahmedabad & IATD Chennai. He is also a certified Certified DMIT Counsellor & Transformation Coach from RISE Academy, Mumbai. He is the author of books ‘Khyaal-e-Zindagi’ & ‘Haqiqat-e Zindagi’, which are a collection of couplets of his rich experiences of life. For ‘Khyaal-e-Zindagi’   he has received “PREMCHAND SAMMAN – 2018” by IDEA, Mumbai. He has been adjudged “BEST MIND POWER TRAINER OF INDIA” by EFI in 2021. In January 2023 he received ‘’JIVAN PRERNA SAMMAN” from the Governor of Maharashtra, Mumbai, India. He is a voracious reader and TEDx Speaker. As of now, he has completed more than 165 titles comprising from different walks of life namely Mind Power, self-improvement, management, spirituality, mythology, psychology, etc. This rich experience of life and corporate culture has developed in him an intense understanding of the training needs of employees.

Mr. Sagar has command over soft skills of motivation, time management, goal setting, emotional intelligence, and communication. Whereas his program on Mind Power shows a pathway for connecting an individual to his unending subconscious power.  He connects with participants instantly with his unique way of communication. His sessions are very motivational, interactive, and full of examples of his rich life experience. His sessions fuel energy into participants to motivate them to achieve success in their personal and professional careers.  He has empowered more than 10200 participants through his mind power program in the last 4 years.  

He is Renowned Mind Power Success Coach and will transform your life