Project Laxmi- making 50,000 Indian women financially literate

Srujna Charitable Trust is a nonprofit organisation empowering women and improving their quality of life in India since 2011. With its holistic and sustainable approach towards women’s empowerment, the organisation has transformed the lives of over 1.6 lakh women affected by poverty, abuse, and human trafficking.

Recently, in September 2022, Srujna implemented Project Laxmi, a financial literacy awareness program for women. This project aims to educate women about financial literacy, budgeting, and saving, enabling them to make informed decisions about their finances and take control of their financial futures.

‘Just earning an income won’t suffice anymore. Women have been the financial planners of the house, maintaining budgets for ages. Now is the time we train to be financially smart to invest,’ says Jyotika Sehra, CEO and Co-founder of Srujna Charitable Trust.

The project will help women better manage family finances, control their spending, create savings habits, and save for significant goals like education and retirement.

Srujna believes this project will give women a more significant say in their family’s financial decisions, eventually leading to financial freedom. This program will be implemented through short videos that women can watch at their convenience, curated by some of the best consultants in the field of training and finance. Thanks to the financial support provided by Experian Credit Information Company Of India Private Limited, Srujna provided 52070 women through 1147 awareness sessions.

Srujna has been featured in leading newspapers nationwide for its exemplary work on the ground and received awards such as the ‘TSS Social Enterprise Global Award’ at TiE Sustainability Summit 2021 and the ‘Transparency Key’ by GuideStar. The organisation’s dedication to empowering women and improving their lives is commendable, and their efforts towards women’s financial literacy through Project Laxmi are a step towards their mission.

Special thanks to Money Mentors and its founder Smith Shah, Prithvi Money Management Pvt Ltd, and Laxmi Gyan of Priyanka Acharya for their support in this project. Srujna is grateful for their contributions and will continue this project for years to come.

In conclusion, Srujna Charitable Trust’s efforts towards women’s empowerment and financial literacy are praiseworthy. Through their livelihood activities and projects like Project Laxmi, Srujna has positively impacted the lives of women across India and continues to work towards creating a better future for them.