Providing Holistic, Robust and Intelligent Cybersecurity Services

In this day and age, cybersecurity is of utmost importance. Whether you are an individual, a   small   business   or   a   large
corporation – fact remains that most of your operations rely on computer systems every day. The modern era is technology-driven and highly digitised, which automatically implies that our daily lives are riddled with cyber security threats. To protect from such vulnerabilities which can lead to data theft, sensitive data leak and other damages, it is imperative to have a robust cybersecurity system in place.

In this space, there is Cybernxt Solutions which are positioned to help meet cyber security challenges for customers through consulting engagement,  advisory  services and various assurance programs. Founded in 2021 and headquartered in Mumbai, they also help the customers to be cyber resilient and create a platform-driven data source of truth to manage their environments. According to Pravin Saiya, Founder, “We are product agnostic — we check the customer’s environment,    industry    and accordingly recommend. We believe in customizations and optimisation which is our USP. We expertise

in breach recovery and Incident management and give assurance to get the client out from the potential breach.”
Cybernxt    Solutions      makes its customers’ requirements and objectives its own and provides solutions with complete honesty and transparency with integrity at the core of it. Cybernxt  Solutions are experts in Incident Management and Response Recovery for potential breaches. Wherever there is a risk of breach, they analyse the environment and the solutions for the incident management is charted. Post this, consultations are offered to the client and a way forward is mapped. Once that is done, a client usually asks for implementation of the strategy as well. The consultation services are not only theoretical, but highly practical and in sync with the client’s industry and specific needs. Cybernxt Solutions ensures the product is well- integrated with the client’s systems to allow seamless transition. They also provide 360 degree view of the investments done on security by the organization through their in house tool named Cyber-Visible. Apart from CxO dashboards the tool can deep dive and share the compliance dashboard of all the Security tools deployed to all the IT stakeholders which will help understand the ROI of the solutions purchased.

Under Consultation, Cybernxt Solutions covers Policy & Framework Adoption, Administrative Standards Adoption, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery,   Cyber   Strategy & Governance Program, Advisory Program and  Cloud Adoption; under Managed Services, there are Identity & Access Management, Perimeter Security Management,

Core Security Management, Data Security Management, Endpoint Security Management, Gateway Security    Management    and Vulnerability Management. The Incident Response part of their services includes Cyber Defense Resilience      Center,       Managed Soc Services, Managed Threat Hunting, Breach Assessment, Cyber Forensics, Supply Chain Security Assessment, Red Team and Tabletop Assessment. The last facet of Cybernxt Solutions is the Assurance Program where they dig deeper and find the existing flaws and chasms in a client’s security system and offer ways of prevention of any future attacks. Under this vertical, there are Comprehensive Risk Assessment, Secure Architecture Review, Application Security, Vulnerability Assessment, Network Security, Cloud Architecture Review and Third Party Assessment.

Cybernxt Solutions also believes in automating processes as they believe that humans are often prone to manual errors, and  to  reduce that they put automation in place. So, while  the  intelligence  analysis is done by   individuals,   the   rest of the operations are handled via automation. With expertise across 32 technologies, Cybernxt Solutions provides cost-effective services all under one roof.

In the future, Cybernxt Solutions wants  to  attend  to  the  challenge of limited resources and build a wing where individuals can come and train, delve deeper into their career goals and eventually plan their career roadmap. That aside, the company is also looking forward to releasing an automation tool for cybersecurity.