Shree Sarva Diamonds and Jewels Achieves three World Records, Showcasing Artistic Brilliance and Craftsmanship

October 23, 2023, Tamil Nadu Shree Sarva Diamonds and Jewels, a beacon of excellence in the world of fine diamond jewelry, proudly announces a triumphant moment in its history with the setting of three remarkable world records.  At Shree Sarva, every piece of jewelry is a testament to meticulous curation and craftsmanship, reflecting the timeless allure and brilliance of diamonds. As emerging pioneers in diamond jewelry manufacturing and esteemed suppliers to retailers, Shree Sarva Diamonds is renowned for timely bulk deliveries of the highest quality and craftsmanship. The brand remains steadfast in delivering not only exceptional diamond jewelry but also in fostering enduring relationships built on trust, integrity, and the promise of timeless beauty.

With over a decade of expertise in the diamond manufacturing industry, Shree Sarva Diamonds has etched its mark in history by achieving three world records in the creation of exquisite gold idols and masterpieces adorned with diamonds.

These three masterpieces, which are unique and pioneering in the industry, have now made history by creating a world record, certified by the esteemed Asian Records Academy, India Records Academy, and Tamilan Book of Records. This momentous achievement represents a significant milestone in the jewelry industry, highlighting the brand’s commitment to excellence, creativity, and cultural preservation.

  1. Karthick Kumar, the Promoter and Proprietor of Shree Sarva Diamonds, expressed immense pride in these monumental feats. “We have achieved a remarkable feat by creating the world’s smallest gold idol, measuring 35.69 mm in length, 13.74 mm in breadth, and 21.11 mm in height. Adorned with over 25 diamond stones and weighing 24.39 grams, this exquisite creation pays divine respect to Lord Anantha Padmanabha Swamy, a pioneering endeavor in the industry.”

R.Karthik, one of the investors of Sree Sarava diamonds, elaborated on another significant achievement, stating, “We have also crafted the smallest idol of Lord Nataraja in gold, measuring 47.45 mm in height, 40.55 mm in breadth, and 14.43 mm in thickness, weighing 21.47 grams. This symbolizes spiritual energy and divine spirit.”

P.Satish, one of the investors of Sree Sarva Diamonds, shed light on the cultural heritage by mentioning, “Sengol, a traditional art form rooted in the southern parts of India, holds immense historical and cultural significance. It has found its deserved place in the New Indian Parliament building. In an effort to promote awareness about the significance of Sengol, we have meticulously crafted a gold replica, the smallest in the world, measuring 52.16 mm in height, 8.25 mm in width, and weighing 9.39 grams.”

On the occasion of their remarkable achievement, the Proprietors and Investors sought the blessings of His Holiness Santhalinga Marudhasala Adihal, Perur Adheenam. His Holiness, upon observing the masterpieces of the Lords, expressed his deep appreciation and offered his heartfelt blessings. This divine approval adds a sacred and auspicious dimension to their accomplishment, further highlighting its significance.

V.Vijaya Kumar, President of Coimbatore Arya Vysya Samajam and a jewelry retailer, extended his heartfelt appreciation to Shree Sarva Diamonds and Jewels for their remarkable achievement. He acknowledged D. Karthick Kumar’s dedication and artistry in creating the world’s smallest gold idols adorned with diamonds, which he found truly commendable. Mr. Kumar expressed confidence that D. Karthick Kumar’s exceptional talent and unwavering commitment will undoubtedly bring great laurels to the diamond industry in the future. He concluded by offering hearty kudos to D. Karthick Kumar!

  1. Karthick, Secretary of Coimbatore Bullions Association, commends Shree Sarva Diamonds for their remarkable achievement of three world records, setting an industry benchmark. Their extraordinary craftsmanship and dedication are truly praiseworthy. He extends best wishes for continued success and envisions job opportunities for over 1000 individuals. May Shree Sarva Diamonds reach even greater heights in the industry. Congratulations and best wishes to them, he appreciated.

B.G. Abhinay Balaji, Proprietor of A.P. Jewellers, applauds Shree Sarva Diamonds and Jewels for setting three world records with their exquisite craftsmanship in creating the tiniest diamond-adorned gold idols. Their dedication to preserving cultural heritage is commendable, and their achievement sets a significant benchmark in the field. D. Karthick Kumar is now a role model for aspiring jewelers, and we wish him continued success on this iconic and traditional journey, he further added.

M.Muthuvenkataraman, President of the Coimbatore Jewel Manufacturer Association, congratulated Shree Sarva Diamonds and Jewels for achieving three world records. Their incredible craftsmanship in crafting the tiniest gold idols with diamond embellishments showcases unparalleled dedication and artistry. This milestone preserves our cultural heritage and demonstrates their commitment to excellence in diamond jewelry. We applaud the promoter’s remarkable achievement, he further said.

In conclusion, Shree Sarva Diamonds and Jewels have not only set world records but also embodied excellence, artistry, and cultural preservation in the diamond industry. Their achievements mark a remarkable milestone, promising a future adorned with brilliance and innovation. 


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