“Sree Narayana Mission World Records Festival 2023” Sets the Stage for Extraordinary Feats and Unleashes Hidden Potentials

October 3, 2023, Tamil Nadu, India

Sree Narayana Mission Senior Secondary School in Chennai, renowned for academic excellence and holistic development, held the inaugural ceremony of “Sree Narayana Mission World Records Festival 2023” on September 28, 2023. The festival is set to witness an astounding 55 world records, showcasing the hidden potentials of the students in various fields, and aiming for titles from Elite World Records, Asian Records Academy, India Records Academy, and Tamilan Book of Records.

In a remarkable spiritual feat, 175 students from Grade I to Grade XII achieved a world record with the Longest Slokas Recitation Marathon. Over a span of 14 hours 11 Minutes 13 Seconds, the participants chanted a wide array of slokas in both Sanskrit and Tamil, invoking a sense of divine energy, spiritual strength, and positive vibes. Dedicated to Sree Narayana Guru, the event included a range of slokas from Shasti Kavasam to Bhagavad Gita verses, highlighting the importance of preserving ancient scriptures. This achievement showcased unity and spiritual commitment, promoting communal positivity.

In an extraordinary showcase of martial arts prowess, 156 students  from Grade III to Grade VIII participated in a 12-hours 40 minutes 30 seconds Karate Relay, demonstrating self-defense skills, confidence, and mastery in karate techniques, including punches, spins, and various martial art forms. With diverse karate demonstrations held, their dedication and expertise in this empowering discipline were highlighted. Martial arts learning encourages discipline, focus, and fitness, contributing to holistic personal development. This remarkable feat is now a world record, illustrating the students’ exceptional dedication and martial arts proficiency.

In a dazzling showcase of youthful creativity, 158 budding storytellers from Pre KG to Grade IV set a record with the Longest Storytelling Relay. The event spanned an impressive 9 hours 25 minutes 51 seconds and featured captivating tales in English, Tamil, Hindi, and Malayalam. With each story infused with joy, creativity, and moral lessons, the young participants held the audience spellbound with their confidence, smiles, and expressive gestures. This remarkable achievement celebrated the art of storytelling and It underlined the power of young imaginations to craft tales that inspire and transcend linguistic boundaries.

In an astounding display of passion, Dikshita.K, of Grade-V, set a new world record by reviewing an impressive 60 books in 3 hours. Her infectious enthusiasm, confident demeanor, engaging smile, and exceptional articulation underscored the influential role of literature in satisfying young minds’ curiosity and hunger for knowledge. Meticulously evaluating each book, she highlighted their pros, cons, and provided ratings, showcasing her profound understanding and marking her as a genuine literary prodigy.

Kavinesh.N, of Grade-III, has achieved a remarkable feat by creating the world’s largest Origami Hats Mosaic under the theme “Education Transforms Lives.” The extraordinary display encompasses 9,000 meticulously crafted paper hats, utilizing five distinct colors, sprawled across an expansive area of 20.34 square meters. This incredible masterpiece was brought to life through over 18 hours of dedicated hard work and unwavering determination. His successful completion stands as a testament to his creativity and devotion, spotlighting the transformative power of education beautifully portrayed through art.

Yeshwanth.K.M, of Grade-XI has achieved an impressive feat by creating the Largest Origami Balls Mosaic, emphasizing the profound concept of “Give Peace a Chance,” covered an expansive 12.96 square meters and showcased a stunning array of 7,500 origami balls, carefully crafted from five different colored origami papers. This remarkable accomplishment was realized within a focused span of 12 hours, highlighting the artist’s dedication and artistry while spreading the message of peace through his exceptional creation.

Lakshanya.G, Class-IV student, has showcased her remarkable artistic skills by setting a new record for crafting the Most Origami Balls in just 2 hours. With incredible focus and determination, she meticulously folded and shaped 139 origami balls, highlighting her precision in folding techniques and showcasing her talent. This achievement not only demonstrates her artistic prowess but also encourages patience and concentration among aspiring artists. Lakshanya.G’s record-breaking feat stands as an inspiration, urging others to explore the captivating world of origami with passion and dedication.

Jigisha.S, of Grade-III, has left a vibrant mark by achieving a new record for the Most Pictures Coloured in a mere 3 hours. Her deft touch and artistic finesse were evident in the beautifully 150 coloured images, creating a visual delight for all who witnessed her work. Jigisha.S not only showcased her remarkable artistic flair but also brought joy and vibrancy to the world of art, leaving a lasting impression on the senses of the beholders. Her perfection in colouring, determination, and evident passion for art astonished and earned appreciation from all, firmly establishing her as a rising star in the realm of creativity.

Advaith.A, of Grade-IV, achieved an outstanding record by crafting 1071 Kirigami models in a mere 2 hours. Demonstrating exceptional dedication and talent, he showcased creativity and precision in this intricate art form. Advaith.A’s feat underscores the significance of mastering kirigami-making skills, providing a captivating glimpse into the world of paper art and earning him well-deserved admiration as an inspiring figure for aspiring artists.

During the event, Gokulam Gopalan, the President, along with Deepak Devarajan, the Secretary, Vijayan Udayakumar, the Vice President, T.D. Rajan, the Treasurer, and S. Jayalakshmi, the Principal, extended their heartfelt wishes to all participating students. They emphasized the significance of setting high goals, showcasing talents, and encouraged the participants to embrace challenges, strive for excellence, and leave a mark in their record-breaking endeavors.


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