UNJUST NMC Circular dated 25th March 2022 adversely affects students pursuing MD in Philippines.

NEW DELHI. 6th October 2023

The Medical Degree “ MD ( Doctor of Medicine alike in USA ) “ of Philippines is World Wide recognized and equivalent to MBBS in India.

Owing to the unjust NMC Circular of 25th March 2022, with RETROSPECTIVE effect has caused grave INJUSTICE to the Indian Foreign Medical Students pursuing or completing Pre Med Course ( BS ) or those who JOINED MD Course  prior 18th November 2021 NMC Gazette and be EXEMPTED under Rule 5(1) of NMC Gazette

According to the curriculum norms of Philippines admission to MD is granted only after successful completion of Pre Medical Course ( BS – Bachelor of Science & India NEET qualified )

Further, these Indian Foreign Medical MD Graduates have been successfully practicing in India past over 15 years after successful completion of MD Curriculum and CLEARING FMGE ( Foreign Medical Graduate Exams ) in India. Results of FMGE past many years too REVEALS highest percentile of the Philippines Indian Medical Graduates.

The Gazette ALSO says STUDENTs who took admissions before 18th Nov 2021 would be covered under OLD NORMS & REGULATIONS.

Parents & Students made several visits and called NMC Office SEVERAL TIMES after the 18th November 2021 Gazette and where CLEARLY said students doing BS or Pre Medical or AB Course or Undergoing MD are EXEMPTED from the Gazette norms. Therefore , the students continued their BS Course or Joined MD in Philippines.

Further, Indian Embassy in Philippines vide its Advisory dated 4th January 2022 conveyed that the students currently pursuing Pre Med ( BS / AB ) course and will commence Medical Degree ( MD ) only after 18th Nov 2021 Gazette would require Special Relaxation from NMC

However, inspite of repeated approaches’ to NMC the students were helpless and could not get justice.  But, a later Public Notice of 25th March 2022 shocked all the students of 2020 & 2021 batches of BS + MD who were not granted exemption from the regulations

 It is pertinent to NOTE that, the act of making new regulations at different dates or at longer periods AND NOT prior admission schedules in Foreign Medical Colleges AND with RETROSPECTIVE EFFECT is SERIOUSLY breach of the Principles of Natural Justice and BAD especially for STUDENTS who made no mistakes and joined BS / AB as per LAWS & RULES prevalent PRIOR 18th Nov 2021 Gazette

It is not ONLY, an additional 2.5 years of Career but an additional burden of over Rs 20 lakhs for the extended duration as per Gazette to the students from Middle Class families with many having taken Educational Loans.

Philippines is one of the MOST FAVOURABLE country to pursue Medical Degree with noticeable passing percentage in FMGE exam because of many notable features such as use of English language of instructions & teachings, English speaking patients, well versed hospitals equipped with huge medical infrastructures, SAME DIEEASE patterns alike India, thorough preparations in practical’s & internship’s, lower cost of education & above all following proximity to USA pattern.

As after MD degree students have to face Indian FMGE there would be no adverse effect on the quality of doctors in India. Needless to say that, there would be no harm in continuation of foresaid settled old policies & regulations for the students of 2020 & 2021 batches.

With Central Govt being a public welfare centric, we rest that the careers of the students is not at stake alike having relaxed norms in Covid 2020, Russia Ukraine War, etc

We the parents and students of 2020 & 2021 BS + MD Philippines batch humbly request with folded hands & authorities concerned to kindly GIVE ONE TIME EXEMPTION and withdraw 25th March 2022 NMC Public Notice & Keep the students of these batches away from purview of 18th Nov 2021 Gazette and be protected under Rule 5(1)

The matter being serious magnitude and of the students career & financial losses needs urgent attention.

In protest against this, a large number of parents came to protest at Jantar Mantar on Thursday. Parents say that the Government of India should take cognizance of this matter as soon as possible and withdraw the notification of March 25, 2022.